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please look and read!!!!!!! new changes for pension when you retire!!!!
takes effect 1-2-2018

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Hear ye! Hear ye! The 2018 Holiday Dinner Dance is right around the corner. Looking forward to seeing all of you fabulous people there once again and hoping to see lots of new faces also. Spread the word and keep the tradition alive.

Cocktail hour from 5:30-6:30 ??
Dinner at 7:00
Music starts at 8:00 ?? ????????
Late night appetizers around 10:30
Midnight the music stops and party moves to the hotel bar

Discounted room rates are available.

It is STRONGLY suggested to plan accordingly with either renting a room or utilizing Lyft, Uber, taxi, etc. NO DRINKING AND DRIVING!!

Prices will be posted once Lynne and I sit down with the event manager of the Radisson.

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no stewards meeting tomorrow

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Good Afternoon,
Additional information regarding LT Kristin Ciganek's funeral Visitation and Memorial Service is included below:
Visitation & Memorial Service
St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church (3970 North 92nd Street, Milwaukee)
Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 (GREEN Shift)
1600-1830hrs – Visitation
1825-1830hrs – Final Walk-through (Fly-by Salute from Uniformed Members)
1830-1900hrs – Time of Sharing (anybody wishing to do so can share short memories or thoughts about Kristin)
1900-2000hrs – Memorial Service
Post Memorial Gathering
The Trysting Place (N71 W12980 Appleton Avenue, Menomonee Falls)
Intersection of W. Good Hope Road & W. Appleton Avenue
ALL are welcome!

Honor Guard Particulars
Honor Guard (this is NOT an all-inclusive list of duties or timeframes – more will come from the Honor Guard)
Arrival & Prep Time – 1430-1500hrs
Final Salute – 1800hrs
LODD Firefighter Honors – Order of Events (Immediately Following Memorial Service)
American Flag Folding & Presentation
PFFW Medal Presentation
IAFF Medallion Presentation
Bell Ceremony / Tolling of the Bell
Final Call
Taps & Amazing Grace

General Member Dress Code & Salute Guidance+
MFD Member Dress Code & Salute Guidance+
Uniform – Class A with badge, polished black shoes & black socks
If you do not own a Class A Uniform, please wear a long-sleeve uniform shirt with badge, uniform pants, polished black shoes & black socks
Final Walkthrough (often referred to as a ‘Fly-by’ salute) – MEET in REAR of CHURCH for additional guidance and lining up at 1810hrs
Uniformed MFD Personnel step off at 1825hrs
Uniformed non-MFD Personnel will immediately follow Uniformed MFD Personnel
Fly-by Salute Procedure
Single-file continuous line walks in from the rear of the church to the front, maintaining a steady pace and not stopping at any point
AT the 1st Honor Guard Member, positioned on the near side of LT Ciganek’s urn, salute w/ your right hand
AT the 2nd Honor Guard Member, positioned just beyond LT Ciganek’s urn, end salute and bring right hand back down to your side
Line then continues moving to the rear of the church – members remaining for the remainder of the visitation and service should then be seated

Thank you,

Obituary posted for Kristin May Ciganek-Schroeder. See https://goo.gl/epQ6VM

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“Brothers and sisters,

In an effort to keep all members informed, Local 215’s pension expert/consultant, Mary McDougall, has decided to officially retire altogether after 37 years with the City of Milwaukee and almost 8 years with Local 215. Her last day with our organization will be February 9th, 2018.

She will be scheduling appointments for January 10th, 11th and 12th as well as February 7th, 8th and 9th.

Mary schedules 4 members per day as outlined above.

Please contact Alice to schedule an appointment at 414-259-8000.

Thank you Mary, for your dedication, expertise and direction. You will be truly missed.

Thank you

Local 215”

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Kristin M. Ciganek
Local Number: L0215
Location: Milwaukee, WI

It is with deepest regret and sorrow to report the line-of-duty death of Lieutenant Kristin M. Ciganek, IAFF 5th District Local 215, Milwaukee, WI. Sister Ciganek, 47, passed away on December 6, 2017 from colon cancer.

The visitation will take place from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM on December 13, 2017 at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, 3970 North 92nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53222; phone 463-8760. The funeral will take place immediately following.

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This is Kristin’s sister. It breaks my heart to tell you Kristin is currently in hospice at Zilber in Wauwatosa. She fought harder than anyone I’ve ever know someone could and proved to us all she is truly the strongest person ever! The Ciganek/Schroeder family would like to thank everyone for all of the support you have given Kristin and our family. Without your prayers, meals, kind words, etc. we wouldn’t have been able to get through the last 5 years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you would like to visit please do but for short periods. Thank you again.

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Hello Chief Rohlfing.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

We are in need of volunteers at Toy Shop on the evening of Wednesday, December 20. We' like to make it a first responders volunteer night. Is this a message you could help us communicate to city of Milwaukee firefighters?

I've copied Nancy Zompolas on this email. She'll fill you in with more details.

Thank you Chief Rohlfing for all you do for The Salvation Army and the city of Milwaukee.


Faithe Colas
Assistant Divisional Director of Development
The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters
11315 W. Watertown Plank Road
P.O. Box 26019
Wauwatosa, WI 53226-0019
Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter

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Good Morning all,

The West Allis Fire Department will be having the Blood center of Wisconsin at their Pancake Breakfast this Sunday December 3rd (red shift) from 0830-1130 at their station #2 2040 S. 67th place. They will be testing for possible Bone marrow matches for Brian Cox. The process takes about 15 minutes for paperwork and simple Cheek swabs. Tell your friends and family and lets find a match from Our brother!. Please see the attached document for more information. Please pass this info to the other shifts please.

Thank you

Lt. Led

P.S. Have a nice day!

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MFD all,

***Just before 1400 hrs & 1800 hrs, we ask all members to log off of Telestaff while data is compiled and saved. Members may log back in after 2 minutes.***
Vacation picking begins today. There is some setup that must take place during the morning; therefore, Vacation picking will begin as soon as administratively possible. In seniority in rank, each member will be notified when they are the active bidder. Members on duty should select Vacation using a department computer. When selecting Vacations on duty, please make an effort to use a department computer to complete your auction bids. Double check that you are using the Auctions function under the My Telestaff folder. Members not on duty can make selections with the aid of a Vacation Central phone operator or by using a personal device. Members will pick half of earned vacation days in the first round (odd number days are rounded up: 12=6, 10=5, 7=4, and 5=3), and the remaining days in the second round. Selections can be any available day(s) throughout the year without restrictions. Refer to #NN 2017-28.

Captains – 308-5758
Lieutenants – 308-5758
Heavy Equipment Operators – 308-5757
Firefighters - 308-5756

If you are making your Vacation picks from a personal device the "psm.telestaff.net" website requires the "2257" code to access. If “psm.telestaff.net” does not show up in your address field you may have navigated to the general Telestaff website. By clicking on the “Launch Web Access 3” below the login fields, it will redirect you to the appropriate page.
We encourage all members to have filled out a Vacation selection worksheet clearly expressing their priorities to their company officer or designated representative. The 2017 Vacation selection worksheets are available on the Local 215 website.
Remember: Please DO NOT pick a vacation day over a PO. If done, you will receive an error message that states "Person not working over target period". This message is similar to the error message some received during second round of PO picking populating the “OVRERIDE” button. So, if you receive an error message while picking, please read the message and check to be sure you are not picking a VAC over a PO. Then double check to be certain you are not picking a VAC over a PO. If you do in fact press the “OVERRIDE” button, this places a VAC over a PO and will cause a stoppage of the process. Said oversight will have to be removed by a Vacation Central Technician prior to the return of normal operations. Please consult your Telestaff calendar before picking Vacations AND after, confirming your "2017" picks are on your Telestaff calendar.
Second Round Information:
If you are making your Vacation picks from the "psm.telestaff.net" website (the TeleStaff login which requires the "2257" code to access), on your second round picks, after you select the "SAVE" button, you will see all of your first round picks in the box on the right side of the screen, with the first round picks highlighted in red with the phrase "Person not working over target period". To complete your second round selections, you will need to utilize the "OVERRIDE" button. Next to the save button, select the "OVERRIDE" button and your picks will then be saved. Again, please be sure you are not selecting a PO. The "OVERRIDE" function will allow you to save a VAC over a PO which will have to be removed before a valid selection is made.
Please pass this information on to members off duty as well.

***Just before 1400 hrs & 1800 hrs, we ask all members to log off of Telestaff while data is compiled and saved. Members may log back in after 2 minutes.***
Please be prepared. Please be patient.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Vacation Central

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Brothers and sisters,

The city of Milwaukee is transitioning “sponsors” for the FSA that you may participate in from the traditional “eflexbenefits/TASC” to “Benefits Advantage.” There will be a black out period from November 15th through November 30th. Effective December 1st, all claims must be filed with Benefits Advantage going forward. Everything else is the same in so much as how much can be put aside, carried over and there is NO diminished amount in your current account as a result of the transition and black out period.

You can access the more detailed particulars on the city website on the pull down menu of “Employee Relations” and click on the icon “Benefits 2018” and scroll to “Flexible Spending Accounts.”


If you have any further questions give us a call.


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Attention all MFD members

College Scholarships available:

Hundreds to thousands of dollars can be earned.

If you have kids in high school and are interested in getting money for college, Consider this.

American Legion offers Oratorical contest. This is an annual contest put on by American Legion post. The student gives a short (5-7 min ) speech in front of a panel of judges. The student is given ahead of time, 3 or 4 of the amendments to the constitution, then will be randomly given one to speak about.

The regional contest will be held Jan 13, 2018 at the Greendale post 1100 a.m.

for more details or information,
contact :

Jim Mueller (MFD retired ) American Legion Post 426

ph: 414-254-2201
e-mail fflane@aol.com

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firehouse Decommissioning and Recommissioning for 2018

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MFD Softball tournament for 2018 will be august 14th(blue day) make up or rain out date will be august 21st .
konkel park in greenfield please pick p.o.'s and vacations accordingly!!!!


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**Reminder: MFD Campout will be July 15th-22nd this summer. Contact Steve Fuchs (E21/Blue), Dan Lipski (Bat 7/Blue), or James Ziech (L9/Red) with questions.**

49th Annual MFD Campout
July 15 – 22, 2018

Issue Date


There are many adult/kid/family tournaments scheduled during the week: volleyball, horseshoes, cribbage, Texas Hold ‘em, and corn hole. Additional campground amenities include tennis courts, basketball courts, horseshoe pits, skate park, pedal carts and fun cycles, Frisbee golf, baseball, mini golf, driving range, shuffleboard, 2 playgrounds a jumping pillow and a 3 acre dog park.
Breakfast and dinner will be provided Wednesday through Saturday and it is all included in the registration price. The big feast is on Saturday night, immediately following the raffle. You don’t want to miss this!
This is one of the best events of the campout! This is how we raise the most money for our selected charities. If your raffle ticket is selected, you have your choice of all raffle prizes (except the firearms – that is its own special raffle! Very popular!)
A glorious bonfire is the center of attention after the raffle and the big feast on Saturday night. Along with the campfire is a slide show of all of the week’s activities.
Nearby attractions
River Bend has access to the Crawfish River. Canoe rentals are available. A Golf course is located just a few miles from River Bend.
Proceeds from the MFD Campout will be donated to a variety of local charities that are near and dear to the MFD!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
Dan Lipski – Battalion 7 - blue shift
James Ziech – Ladder 9 – red shift
Steve Fuchs – Engine 21 – blue shift

We hope to see you at River Bend this summer!!! You won’t be disappointed!

Kids Activities all day long!
The campout is full of fun activities for the kids: scavenger hunts, craft projects, team games, nightly movies and organized tournaments such as volleyball, cribbage, fishing, table tennis, kickball and corn hole.

Waterpark and Pond
River Bend has a wonderful 8000 sq./ft. waterpark that includes a kiddie pool, large pool, slides, outdoor whirlpool tub and a rope balance course. The adjacent swimming pond has water toys, many climbing inflatables and a great beach area for playing in the sand. A section of the pond has also been designated for fishing.

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Good afternoon Representative Jacque, Mr. Tobias,

Attached is a letter of support regarding AB 434.  I will be in attendance tomorrow to testify in favor of said legislation.


Dave Seager
Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters

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Assembly Bill 606, Fire and Police Commission changes, has been read for the first time and referred to the Committee on Local Government.

We will be supportive of this legislation as well and be testifying when it is scheduled

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Brian Cox Update

`This update is an appeal to the membership for more donation days. This message is from Brian himself.

It's hard to talk to everyone. Some people are FB people, some call or text, some follow caring bridge, so I'll do my best to update. Today is about a month since my stem cell transplant. I had a PET scan today and saw the doc. Didn't get the news I wanted. The scan showed spots of cancer almost the same as my last scan. So, the high dose chemo and stem cell transplant did not work. At best it kept things in check. So, 4th type of chemo that wasn't successful. On to # 5. Thankfully there's still some options but this is getting pretty old

As you have seen from Brian's update of his treatment he is still going to need some more days donated. He presently has till 9/10 before he runs out of donation days and will be forced to use accrued time off. He is getting close to his maximum allowed time in the donor program of 2080 hours and he is currently allowed (11) additional donation days. If we can find it in our hearts to donate (11)additional days Brian will be at the max allowed donor time. Brian and Shalon appreciate everything we have done for them, including the days already given. Brian is staying positive despite the setbacks he has encountered. There are still treatment options he can pursue and he will continue to battle. Brian also has a blog to post about his progress. You can find that link here.
If you have any questions, please contact me (or Brian - bricox79@gmail.com) .
Thank you

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"Emergency Responders Friday" by CBS 58 Milwaukee

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