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Accepted Nominations for Office In 2017

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Payroll Deduction Schedule

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Group Life Insurance

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METLIFE Group Life Insurance

This is information, in detail, about the new Group Life Insurance offered to our members if they so choose to employ it. Members life insurance will be different depending upon retirement in 2016 or 2017. Please read the PDF.

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Brokerage Window Fact Sheet

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Open Enrollment Fairs

Copy and paste url to go to City's web page: http://city.milwaukee.gov/DER/Benefits2016#.V-1mx_DR9hE

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The following correspondence is from MaryNell Regan, Executive Director of the Fire and Police Commission to the Labor Leaders in the City of Milwaukee.

This information is very specific to the 15 mile residency requirement that is going to be effective October 11th. This information will also be available via the FPC website.

To further elaborate, the requirement is effective on October 11th. It goes further to state, according to the Commission update, “THAT ANY INCUMBENT EMPLOYEE HAS 6 MONTHS FROM OCTOBER 11th, 2016 TO BE IN COMPLIANCE, OR MAY PURSUE EXTENSIONS AND HARDSHIP EXCEPTIONS WITH THE FPC.”

Any and all information is provided on the FPC Website as well as a “map” the the city/FPC will utilize to determine the 15 mile requirement. Please read.


On July 26, 2016 the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee adopted legislation that imposes a residency requirement on law enforcement, fire, and designated emergency personnel to reside within 15 miles of the jurisdictional boundaries of the City. This charter ordinance, adopted pursuant to Wis. Stat. Sec. 66.0502 (4)(b), applies to all sworn members of the departments and provides that the Fire and Police Commission (FPC) designate “emergency personnel.” This legislation will become effective October 11, 2016.

The FPC recently updated its rules to be in compliance with the charter ordinance. The following positions have been designated as emergency personnel: Police Information Systems Director, Emergency Communications Manager, Communications Systems Manager, and Police Facilities Manager; and Fire Technical Services Manager, Fire Dispatch Manager, Fire Equipment Repairs Manager, and Fire Equipment Repairs Supervisor. The positions of Police Aide and Fire Cadet are also designated as emergency personnel.

All employees hired into a position subject to this residency requirement, any incumbent sworn employee, or any civilian who at any time has his/her position designated as subject to this residency requirement, shall be granted a period of time not to exceed six months from the date of hire or the date upon which the designation becomes effective to become compliant with the requirement. This means that any incumbent employee has 6 months from October 11, 2016 to be in compliance, or may pursue extensions and hardship exceptions with the FPC.

· Any employee subject to this residency requirement who believes it may be necessary to request an extension of the time period for establishing residency, or who believes that it may be necessary to request a temporary exception from the residency requirement, shall file such request in writing with the Fire and Police Commission, together with copies of all supporting documentation, at least fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the date on which the extension or temporary exception is anticipated to begin. Failure to file the request on a timely basis, absent extraordinary circumstances, shall be grounds for denial. The requestor shall forward a copy of the request to the Chief of the respective department.

· Any request for an extension or temporary exception shall specify, in detail, the reason(s) for the request and shall be accompanied by copies of all documentary evidence in support thereof including, but not limited to, real estate listing contracts, apartment leases, medical reports, educational reports, etc. Failure to supply appropriate supporting documentation together with the request shall be grounds for denial of the request. The burden of proof regarding whether or not a request for an extension or temporary exception should be granted shall at all times be on the requestor.

Additionally, a searchable map was developed by the FPC and the City’s Information Technology Management Division depicting the 15 mile boundary and may be accessed on our website. Any questions about the map should be sent to our Research Policy Analyst at his email address dgeltin@milwaukee.gov until further notice.

Thank you,

MaryNell Regan | Executive Director | Fire and Police Commission
200 E Wells Street, Suite 706A | Milwaukee, WI 53202 | Direct line: 414.286.5054 | Work cell: 414-708-5787
EMail: mregan@milwaukee.gov

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2017 Active Rate Chart

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Please Report Your PO Loss Hardships

Please utilize the "Contact Us" link to report circumstances of hardship caused by the loss of your scheduled PO's. Thank you.

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Current Events

Please print and share the Metcalfes 5% discount coupon

with all your friends, family, and neighbors.

Let's help the PFFW Charitable Foundation raise money

for all their worthy projects while you save money shopping!


The September 2016 issue of The Register has been posted.

You can find it in the Members drop down menu.

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Deferred Comp Moving to Voya Financial

Your Deferred Compensation Plan is moving. Get the details here!
City of Milwaukee Deferred Compensation Plan

Get ready to make a move…
to a new partnership with Voya Financial

The move to Voya as recordkeeper for the City of Milwaukee Deferred Compensation Plan is happening soon. We’re excited to partner with Voya to offer you a host of new features and services that will be available following the transition. Take a look at the transition documents and read all about them!

What to expect before, during and after the transition to Voya

The transition documents provide details on:

How and when changes will take place, including important dates along the way
The new elections and enrollment process
New features designed to help keep your retirement savings on track
Your new investment fund lineup
New state-of-the-art planning tools

If you have additional questions after reviewing the transition information, call the Plan Information Line at 844-360-MDCP (6327) Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CT. Between October 3 – 28, 2016, you must go to www.enrollmilwaukeedcp.com to complete the elections and enrollment process.

Plan administrative services provided by Voya Institutional Plan Services, LLC. a member of the Voya family of companies. The City of Milwaukee Deferred Compensation Plan is not a member of the Voya family of companies.

3042828.G.S © 2016 Voya Services Company. All rights reserved.

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Local 215 Executive Board Member Al Jansen Honored at IAFF Convention

This union is effective and respected across two great nations because of the hard work and the talent of our affiliate leadership. At the IAFF 53rd Convention, 16 outstanding affiliate leaders, one from each of our districts, were honored for their accomplishments in serving their locals and this union.

“Each of the honorees showed leadership qualities from the earliest days of their fire service careers, committing to the union, getting involved, working on behalf of and standing up for our members at every opportunity,” said General President Harold Schaitberger.

The award recognizes and honors active and active-retired local officers who have dedicated more than 15 years to their local. Awards are given to one local leader from each of the IAFF's 16 districts. Candidates were nominated by their affiliates and winners were chosen by the IAFF Executive Board.

6th District Vice Presidents Lorne West and 8th District Vice President Paul Hufnagel presented the awards Tuesday during the IAFF 53rd Convention.

The 2016 Local Leadership Award winners are:

District 1 – Jersey City Fire Fighters Local 1066 President Joseph Krajnik
District 2 – Ames, IA Local 625 Past President Mike Bryant
District 3 – Rhode Island Professional Fire Fighters President Emeritus Frank Montanaro
District 4 – Baltimore County Fire Fighters Local 1311 Vice President Michael Crosby
District 5 – Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters Local 215 Executive Board Member Al Jansen
District 6 – Saskatoon Local 80 Past President Bruce Siemens
District 7 – Boise, ID Local 149 President Gregory Womack
District 8 – Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union Secretary-Treasurer Terrence Chesney
?District 9 – Professional Fire Fighters of Utah 4th District Vice President Dave Dumas
District 10 – Hawaii Fire Fighters Association Local 1463 President Robert Lee
District 11 – Lubbock Professional Fire Fighters Local 972 Past President Jay Watson
District 12 – Jacksonville, FL Local 122 Secretary-Treasurer James Croft
District 13 – Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association ?IAFF Service Representative Jeff Nester (Toronto Local 3888)
District 14 – Professional Fire Fighters of Mississippi Secretary-Treasurer Allen Sandifer (Jackson, MS Local 87)
District 15 – St. Johns, New Brunswick Local 771 Secretary-Treasurer and 15th District Field Service Representative Larry Cook
District 16 – 16th District Field Service Representative and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Local F-88 President Emeritus Roy Colbrunn

The Local Leadership Award was created by Convention resolution to champion the standard of leadership set by Dennis J. Murray, president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Eastern Missouri Local 2665 and one of the longest-serving local presidents in IAFF history and the first recipient of the award at the 2008 IAFF Convention.

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Workers Compensation Disclosure of Healthcare Information Form

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Interest Arbitration Decision

Brothers and Sisters,

Ms. Mahwinney has rendered her decision this morning. Regrettably, she has decided to award the City of Milwaukee their offer. The following is the attachment of her decision. We will be in contact with the membership with more information to follow as soon as possible.

To view the decision look for "Interest Arbitration Decision 2016" under Contracts in the Resource Library.


We are convening a Special Meeting of the membership scheduled for 0900 hours each day on August 3rd, 4th and 5th to disseminate the Arbitration decision.

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Early Intervention PT Clinic Expanding to Mondays

Due to increased demand, the City’s Early Intervention Physical Therapy Clinic is expanding! Starting Monday, July 11th the Clinic will be open two days a week, on Mondays and Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

This service is FREE to employees and spouses/partners. You do not need to be enrolled in the City’s health insurance to utilize this valuable benefit.

The Physical Therapist offers the following services:

Perform screening, consultation, and education services to prevent and treat potential musculoskeletal injuries.
Address pains, strains and potential issues that occur at work or home before it becomes a health care claim or injury.
Plan interventions, including specific stretching, strengthening and/or conditioning exercises.
Make recommendations for self-management of symptoms or provide education in proper postures and body mechanics for performing tasks safely.
Call 414-777-3413 to schedule an appointment. Drop-ins are welcome but calling ahead is recommended to ensure there are clinic openings.

The Early Intervention PT Clinic is located in the City’s Wellness Center in the Zeidler Municipal Building at 841 N. Broadway (enter through Market St.).

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Residency Decision Press Release

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WI State Supreme Court Decision Case Review

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Three Boston Firefighters Recall Colleagues Who Died From Occupational Cancer

Three city firefighters painted a grim portrait as they sat in front of a wall plastered with images of their fallen comrades. These colleagues did not perish in a raging fire or after falling into a collapsing building. They all succumbed to cancer.

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Hot Off The Press! June 2016 Edition of The Register !

A reminder to all that PDF copies of The MFD
Historical Society's "The Register" are available on our web site!
This is a great, fun tradition and these retirees put a lot
of time and effort into producing a quality newsletter.
Take a few minutes to have a look at it!

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On Purpose Journey Upcoming Events

The non profit charity group "On Purpose Journey Inc." is partnering with the Milwaukee Fire Dept. for the second annual BOOKS FOR BRAVERY and STANDING FOR THE FALLEN 9/11 Tribute Events. They are also hosting a BEER FOR BRAVERY 9/11 Fundraising Event on 5/22/16 at the Lakefront Brewery, from 6-9pm. Look for the flyers under our "Upcoming Events". More information about their upcoming events for this year and media coverage from last year can be found on their web site:

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Workplace Clinic Expanded Hours

Due to increased demand, the City’s onsite Workplace Clinic is adding additional hours and will be open 40 hours a week beginning Monday, May 2nd.

The clinic is located in the Zeidler Municipal Building and services are available to City employees and their spouses/partners, regardless of whether employees are enrolled in the City’s Health Insurance coverage. Services offered at the Workplace Clinic continue to be FREE for City of Milwaukee employees/spouses.

New Expanded Workplace Clinic Hours:

Monday – 7 AM to 3 PM
Tuesday – 7 AM to 3 PM
Wednesday – 9 AM to 5 PM
Thursday – 7 AM to 3 PM
Friday – 7 AM to 3 PM
Calling 414-777-3413 to schedule an appointment is recommended. The clinic will take walk-in appointments if there are openings or will schedule walk-ins for the next available open time slot.

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ERS Retirement Calculator

Did you know that you can see your contributions to date into the Employee Retirement System and your current Service Credit? Did you know that you can also create a benefit estimate any time you want to?

Go to the ERS Login page (below). If you do not remember your login information, click on the "Forgot User Name and / or Password" link to retrieve it.

After you log in, click on "Member Account Summary". Your numbers will pop up. Look for a link called "Benefit Estimates". Click on that.

The Pension Benefit Calculator page will then appear. Read about what can and cannot be done with this tool. Then scroll down to click on the "I Agree" tab.

You're finally there! Fill in the blanks and see what your future holds!

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John Barmore Elected ERS Chairman

Sisters and brothers,

I am pleased to announce that our Local 215 Vice President, John Barmore, was elected yet again to serve as the Chairman of our valuable Employee Retirement System.

Thank you Mr. Vice President for your continued efforts serving on this vital committee ensuring that our members, active, retired and duty disability, will be comforted knowing that you're at the helm.

David R. Seager

President Local 215

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MacGillis Wiemer, LLC

Did you know that if you are injured on the job as a result of someone else's negligence that you can pursue legal action against them? I didn't either! Then Chris MacGillis came to the union hall and spoke with our stewards a few months ago. Chris explained what he does and offered his services to Local 215 members. Hopefully your steward told you about this.
I spoke with Mr. MacGillis and he took my case. Chris was able to get me a better settlement than the at-fault driver's Insurance company offered. The City was reimbursed for their financial loses for my accident. And all costs were covered by the settlement that Mr. MacGillis obtained. All I had to do was sign some papers!
If you'd like more information, feel free to contact me! I encourage anyone who thinks that they might find themselves in a situation similar to mine to CALL CHRIS MACGILLIS!

Jay McInnes
Director of Web Communications
Milwaukee Fire Local 215

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